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The mission of Men of D.I.S.T.I.N.C., Incorporated will be to build character, self-esteem, and virtue in the lives of males, particularly African-American males. While this is directly linked to the service of our community, it shall also be our personal goal to make positive strides toward the service of our local community, regional community, national community, and ultimately provide a world altering service to all humanity, with the assurance that a D.I.S.T.I.N.C. change has been made.
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Blast-Off Empowerment Expo

The Blast-Off Empowerment Expo objective is to empower black men, particularly in the LGBTQ+ Community to become more involved with education, political awareness and involvement, health awareness, entertainment and more importantly to inspire greatness within the community. This will be a time of creativity, passion and giving back!

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